Live Music at the Bakers Vaults

Bakers Vaults


The Bakers Vaults in Stockport has a long history of great music and recently it’s been given a full make over by Robinsons and now look fantastic. I’ve been asked to program the music here for the next few months and I’ve already managed to get some fantastic musicians to come with me and support this new venture to bring music back to the Bakers.


It is in these small pub gigs are where you can hear great artists in a much more intimate arena, trying out new material and just getting to grips with their art. Johnny and his business partners have taken over a few failing and tired pubs in the greater Manchester area and working with the breweries have revamped the look of them without loosing any character. At the heart of these developments is their complete commitment to live music. The music is across the board and in the four venues they have they put on over 1000 gigs a year. Some fantastic achievement. It’s great to be associated with these guys and we hope to make music at this great venue a keeper.



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