World Jazz trio with featuring Matt Nickson on Saxophone Michael Cretu on Bass and Chris Cruiks Percussion.

Bringing together massively disparate influences from Romanian folk music, Jazz improvisation and African rhythms.

Matt is working with these amazing musicians in this band and will be releasing the first CRaB album in spring 2020

Michael Cretu

Michael stems from a 300 year old family of gypsy musicians, originally from Romania he is an internationally acclaimed composer, musical director, and double bassist. He trained at the Bucharest music school and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Michael believes in the beauty of weaving together the musical styles of Contemporary, Classical, Folk and Jazz. Currently Michael is the musical director of the Roots Orchestra at the RNCM

Chris Cruiks

Master percussionist Chris Cruiks is currently leading the percussion section for the Hacienda Classic series with Manchester Camerata. Chris was there at the start of the Hacienda, was the house percussion player for eight years and heavily involved in creating those iconic percussion rhythms for the great Manchester bands of the time. Born in Botswana Chris’ roots are in African, Brazilian and Cuban traditional music. Chris was a founder member of the Inner Sense Percussion Orchestra and has led workshops and collaborations with musicians from all over the world. He has toured and recorded extensively with musician / producers such as Rae and Christian and AIM and has recorded on countless albums including two percussion albums with Lea Mullen and friends.