Calaita Flamenco Son

Over the last five years I’ve been working with some great musicians I’ve met in a musical shift to a genre I never thought I’d have the chance of being involved in. Flamenco always seemed to me a music you had to be born into, a rhythm that was given to you in the womb. They talk of the duende (spirit or soul) which seemed unattainable. It’s been a great ride and I the best thing is being able to call these wonderful musicians friends.

We’ve been working hard and recorded our first album, We managed to secure a deal with  World Music Networks Riverboat Records and have benn playing a series of gigs around the UK which has been wonderful.

Calaita was formed by Seville born flamenco singer /guitar player Chico Pere  and  guitarist Glenn Sharp. Calaita has now grown to include percussionist Leo Paredes, vocalist Dianna Castro, and me on sax on flute.

The compositions are in the main by Chico and  these pull on his life experiences growing up in Triana-Seville as well as his travels throughout Europe.  Glenn also writes for the band bringing his virtuoso playing stlye to the fore.  The other diverse musical backgrounds in the band range through world music, soul, jazz, funk, hip hop and of course flamenco.

You can get the album  “Flamenco Son” which is out now  on Riverboat Records  from  World Music Network

Here’s a little preview.

Here’s a great podcast including three tracks from Calaita

All good stuff

One thought on “Calaita Flamenco Son

  1. Thanks so much Matt.You reminder me a very good time and better music following Calaita though many places around U.K. All the best to you and Calaita.

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